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dorsal and ventral pathways and other joys - The Princeton Tri Delta Community

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March 10th, 2004

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07:59 pm - dorsal and ventral pathways and other joys

So, stayed up until 3 AM last night doing cognitive neuro review with kimangelw82  and seeing the same damn diagram every two slides - it is now permanently imprinted upon my memory, but in a purely non-declarative fashion, no useful information, I just know in general what the tangle of lines and boxes looks like. We also reached a favorable consensus on boy-who-read-the-textbook-during-intersession. He provides superior visual stimulation when the PowerPoints fail; and there needs to be a person like that in every class.

Kim, you're awesome, we should do this again for the final but not the night before.

- our whole chapter could live in this room, we'd just need four rows of bunk beds

- do you realize how horrible that would be? We'd all get our periods at the same time?

-oh god! We'd all have to go on the Pill and stagger everyone's "permitted" cycles.

-and then if somebody cheated we'd have to kick them out.

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